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The 20% Twitter discount for Retro Glasto GAS T Shirts

GAS T Shirts 1981 stall at the Glastonbury CND Festival 1981GAS T Shirts Glastonbury CND Festival 1981 to 1985


While we await yet another Google ‘misrepresentation’ review on our website from their crawler BOT that has less human input than a Greggs sausage roll, (comma in the wrong place) we turn to our Twitter account to explore their relatively new commercial advertising offer (Our Tweet)

Our range of original designs from the first five Glastonbury CND Festivals from 1981 to 1985 have a ‘human right’ to be seen (and possibly purchased).

This was the first period at Worthy Farm when Michael Eavis took control, a new pyramid stage was built and prices were pitched at the possible, for mere mortal music fans from the suburbs.

The first couple of years with CND providing additional motivational promotion were successful, so much so that ‘the authorities’ got involved to insist on Elf n Safety. This was painful for Michael and his team and the ticket price has never looked back.

We pitched our Twitter Ad at those days gone by as people lined up to satisfy the background colour behind their machine read passport photo, needed just to register for a ticket for 2023.

Prices then were under £10 compared to £285 for 2022 and currently, the final figure, like the mini budget, a state secret. There were, however, only 40 odd thousand attending then compared to over 200,000 now.

We note that £10 in 1981 is currently worth £35 according to the Bank of England (a 2750% increase) so a considerable premium to Elf n Safety and ‘the authorities’ along with musicians who can no longer sell those bits of vinyl to their fans and have to rely on concert income.

We, on the other hand normally sell our £3 T shirts at £25, only a 733% increase. We do offer them in a multiple of colours , the organic cotton is certified from sustainable sources and the factories in Bangladesh are all checked out to comply with the Fair Wear standard.

Because we got 2163 impressions, 162 engagements, 96 likes, and 25 retweets from our ad, we decided to celebrate this and coincide with people ordering their 2023 Glastonbury tickets, we are offering everyone who purchases one of our shirts a 20% discount for the next month.


This is only a 253% increase on our original price of T Shirts charged at Glastonbury CND Festival 1981. Those were the days and only 4 minutes to await nuclear war.

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