BLACK FRIDAY SALE of some wholesale packaged stock at HALF PRICE

GAS retro designs ar back, PASS IT ON.

GAS was originally established in 1969 but has utilised the very latest direct to garment printing to produce some of its original designs onto t shirts, sweatshirts and other garments.

These had originally been placed on an American drop ship site but sales volumes were low so after a false start in 2013, we called on the very latest equipment to produce the quality of print we were looking to achieve.

The company moved its sales on line with the development of its retail trading site at and has built up a comprehensive range of retro images taken from its past.

It has expanded its approach to corporate and social organisations with its ability to quickly produce on demand designs  logos and fast sampling in full colour if required.

It has also resurrected the concept of the 'packaged' t shirt, first introduced in 1974 and displayed on merchandising stands for wholesale trading to other traditional retailers. The principle advantage here is that with the flexibility of design and print made available through DTG printing, a stand of 50 shirts can be tuned to the selection and choice of the individual retailer.

GAS is back, spread the word.



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