BLACK FRIDAY SALE of some wholesale packaged stock at HALF PRICE

Black Friday and the day before, Thanksgiving.

Earthrise, The defining GAIA shot taken by astronaut Bill Anders on Christmas Eve 1968 as the Apollo 8 spacecraft rounded the dark side of the moon

As we head towards Black Friday, I recognise, like Halloween, that  it is now part of the Western World's marketing exercise imported from the USA . Add to this, life after death (insurance) and saving the planet, the big one and there are no end of  ‘messages’  that copy writers can attach to their products to stimulate response from adoring consumers.

Black Friday gift box

The other celebration that precedes it, again from the USA,  is ‘Thanksgiving’, a much better message and one that we at GAS are celebrating by still being here after 52 years and  adding colour and sustainability with an increase in price.

The online store has been developed to provide a ‘wish list’ and an enhanced search function which will hopefully give a more efficient  and intuitive experience.

GAS Search bar for SEARCH, personal PROFILE, WISH list and CART

Along with these changes, we have added a ‘REVIEW’ function for both Google and directly. I apologise for this as it appears the whole online community wants feedback and your opinion but it is there to provide direct feedback without the need to ring me up and chew my ear off. I promise to use our discount function for nice reviews, not Black Friday.

Google customer review

As our customer numbers increase, I will be emailing those that want to, with blogs like this and information on new developments. For this incursion into their privacy, I will be including a ‘GIFT’ discount as a ‘thank you’

Gift token to say 'Thank you' from GAS for a nice review

We still have a host of designs left over from the last century to bring forward and as they say, ‘what goes around, comes around’. Keep checking us out and hope you like something of  our collection.The official logo of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics

Finally, think of something you can be thankful for even if it is my last words.........for now..

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